LED Foot Soothers from LEDfootsoothers.com

LED Foot Soothers Sooth Your Feet.

Pair of LED foot soothers

After a long day at work or after sporting activity or running or shopping.
The LED foot soothers help the feet feel better, just put your bare feet on
 the LED foot soothers and use the remote to turn them on and
 feel the relaxation move up your legs.

Acupuncturists discovered that single frequency
light could activate acupressure points. Pulse light could stimulate
it; continuous light could sedate the acupuncture points. But they
also discovered that light applied to a meridian end-point can
actually be traced flowing through the meridian to the organ
acupuncture points. The meridian system is a useful pathway for
getting light deeper into the body

Here is what you get: 2 - 12 x 4.5  inch LED panels, 1 power supply,
one y connector cable, One power cable , one remote control.

The LEDs are covered with an abrasion resistant plexiglass
 cover on front of case. There are 24 LEDs per unit RED 660nm 3 Watt each
with output of 380mw each, 9120mw total per unit

2 Red LED Foot Soothers with power supply.
( 24 - 3 watt 660nm 4.5 x 12 inches)
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You get.
"Quality Healing LED lights
 made to order here in the USA"

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How Red Light Therapy Works

Red light therapy causes a photochemical reaction within our cells to increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in the mitochondria, by activating an enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase (Cox) that plays a role in generating ATP synthase (the enzyme that produces ATP). ATP is the major energy currency of our cells, and when red LED light increases its levels in our tissue, we essentially have more of this currency to use for transporting energy needed for all of the metabolic activities of our cells! As a consequence of this ATP boost, we can experience more rapid healing. Red light therapy can also increase our collagen production, and deliver all the skin and joint benefits.


As you move toward the red end of the spectrum, the rate of cellular regeneration increased. For instance, a single frequency in the green range might affect the kidney 40 times better than a normal base-line study, whereas a red would be about 4,000 times faster.

University of Chicago, researchers discovered that the average wavelength of cell tissue in the human body ranged between 600 nanometers and 720 nm; 660 is the mid-point. So in essence, the reason a 660 nm works better than any other single frequency is because it is closer to the resonant frequency of cell tissue. The other reason is that 660 nm absorbs better in hemoglobin.

So over the years they migrated to infrared, red and eventually to the 660 nanometer wavelength because it was the fastest way to regenerate tissue. So if you have an injury you would normally recover from in ten days, you can actually recover that tissue in two days by treating it with LED light therapy.


You can even get light into the blood stream. One of the best ways is through your belly button, because the aorta artery is behind the belly button. So if you insert the light there for 20 minutes, every drop of blood in the body will pass in front of the light, increasing the activity of your white cells, red cells, B-cells and T-cells, so you can boost your whole immune system.

Red Light Therapy for Joint Pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis

For 3 decades red light therapy has been used as an alternative to more invasive treatments for rheumatoid arthritis. Pain in the knees, fingers, hands, wrists, shoulders, back, elbows, neck, jaw, ankles, feet, and toes have all been shown to benefit from direct exposure to light from the red or near-infrared spectrum!

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